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About Us

About Us

Presently, we are a mother and son team, who together make a great team with the combination of our experience and knowledge in the Digital Currency industry and our passion to see Crypto Currency become the only true method of financial transacting we are confident of succeeding..

My name is Carlene Spiteri, I have worked in the Digital Currency industry since 2005 as a marketing consultant and Master Agent for two online global digital payment system which were so successful that they threatened the existence of traditional money transfer remittance systems and as a result one was shut down by USA Governments in 2008 and the second system was shut down in Australia in 2012. I have been involved with Bitcoin as an avid user since 2012 and am constantly educating people about the currency and its purpose. I also started acquiring other alt coins in late 2014 for a long term investment. From my years of experience in the Digital Currency Industry I have a very clear vision of how to roll out a global system that can make decentralized currencies like Bitcoin and other alt coins a mainstream method of financial transacting, for not only commercial trading but can also revolutionize the remittance industry in a very short period of time with not much effort at all through my existing network.
I am extremely passionate about seeing the success of COINXION and all Crypto Currencies we partner with now and in the future.

My name is Daniel Spiteri, I have always had an interest in computer technology and have a very long history of around 16 years as an online gamer and online trader. I am quite well known amongst the GCR coin holder community for my trading strategies which I teach to others. I also manage a number of online chat rooms, which I spend most of my days and nights helping other coin holders with their Crypto Currency issues as a support person. I work with a number of people who are trading Crypto Currencies and we are becoming quite successful as a team. Together we all have the same vision which is to see Crypto Currency as the worlds only one true currency network. As a group we all agree that their needs to be more utilities available for the community to use to utilize our coin holdings. My inspiration to create Coinxion came from listening to other coin holders and hearing what it is that most people feel is lacking in the community. I am hoping that Coinxion will satisfy the needs of most Crypto Currency coin holders.

Our vision for COINXION is to see it become the main hub for all Crypto Currency users, be it for buying and selling of goods, trading currencies, and community networking.

What is our motivation, to create COINXION?

Us along with possibly yourself and many others understand that the only way to create true value in a currency is to create demand for that currency. A part of creating that value is by have utilities that open up ways to use the currency. Bitcoin has been around now for a while and their are a number of different utilities that cater for Bitcoin, which is why Bitcoin is now a valuable, stable currency. Other currencies like GCR coin and other coins are still relatively new and don’t have dedicated utilities for their currency.
Crypto Currency is still such a new industry and just like when computers first came out or when the internet first came alive, their is a whole new generation of business opportunities for people to take advantage of in this new arena.
Coinxion is apart of this new generation.
With your help not only will you help us with our project but in doing so you will help yourself and everyone else who owns any of these new currencies like GCR coin and others that are to soon come onto the market to increase in value and to be come a mainstream method of doing financial transactions.
Your contribution no matter how small or how large will help everyone who has the same vision as yourself, to be apart of the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.